DGI Tarsal Fusion Curette



The DGI Tarsal Fusion Curette was
designed to assist in the preparation of
joint surfaces for various foot and ankle
fusion procedures.

Based on physician requests, our fusion
curette includes these features:

• Ring style curette for enhanced joint
   surface preparation.

• 2.5mm wide to fit narrow joint spaces.

• The 25 degree forward angle of the
   curettes is designed to allow easier
   access to concave joint surfaces.

• The soft grip silicone handle minimizes
   slippage problems experienced with
   other style handles while also creating a   
   comfortable grip.

DGI Tarsal Fusion Curette 7” Blue Silicone Handle

38-2923     3mm 25 Degree Forward Angled
38-2925     5mm 25 Degree Forward Angled

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