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In 1989, James Christman, the President and founder of DG Instruments (DGI) began building a reputation for supplying the highest quality instrumentation available to hospitals, surgeons, and the medical community. Discerning professionals, worldwide, have come to trust in, and rely on, the DGI brand to perform with precision, time after time.

Each and every DGI instrument has been hand selected to assure superior fit, finish, and functionality. DGI instruments perform as they were designed and intended; they are truly an extension of the surgeon’s skill and expertise. DGI instruments are crafted from the finest materials, in Germany, using only German stainless steel. True craftsmen, with years of experience, skill, and knowledge fashion DGI instruments using the most current techniques and equipment. Our commitment to quality extends past the boundaries of our facilities, and into yours with the following guarantee.

Our Guarantee

All DGI instruments are guaranteed against manufacturing defects of material and workmanship for as long as you own them. All instruments must be used for their intended surgical purpose and be cared for properly. Replaceable tungsten carbide inserts on scissors, needle holders and wire cutters are guaranteed for three years. Springs are guaranteed for one year. Any instruments proving to be defective will be repaired or replaced free of charge.


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